Move It

In case anyone was wondering – this tweet that Kristen Cates from the Trib posted on August 15th was not directed at KRTV.


Re: this crash.

It was directed at a news director for another TV station in Great Falls, who just happened to post this on Facebook several weeks ago:


Huh. “…police/press relations on street here are not quite as progressive as in larger cities…”

Jean Friday!

Some folks at the GFPD got to wear jeans at work – and paid for the privilege!

It’s jeans Friday here at the Police Department, and the Investigative Bureau decided some time ago that they were going to donate a dollar to a charity of their choosing for the privilege of wearing jeans. Well yesterday they did their first donation to the Boys and Girls club of $100! Great work guys and gals, keep up the great work!

Give ’em a follow over on Facebook.

Great Falls Police Department on Facebook

Chips Ahoy

FINALLY – after searching for months, I got my hands on the Cheesy Garlic Bread potato chips – and they are GOOD!

I tried the other “fancy” flavors that Lay’s unveiled a few months ago – one is sriracha, and the other is chicken and waffles – and they were both meh.

And now I finally have found the ones that I’ve been dying to try – got them at the convenience store at Smelter and Division (On Your Way, still?).

But these are pretty darn good – I’m a sucker for cheesy garlic bread, but these chips will do in a pinch “-)

Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips!

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