Apparently someone was riding a dolphin in Great Falls. (The ride is actually called the Zipper)

Farewell Katie!

Friday was Katie’s last day at KRTV – very sad that she is leaving, she has been such a huge part of the KRTV family for more than five years. But she’s leaving for the best possible reason: love! She and her husband-to-be are headed to Nebraska, where he will be attending grad school, and Katie will be back on the air at a TV station. From the day I arrived at KRTV, Katie has…

Robin Returns

Finally – after 30+ years, Robin Williams is returning to series television. I worried about him when “Mork & Mindy” was canceled back in 1982, and then hearing nothing about him for decades, but at long last, he is scheduled to be back on TV where he belongs. It’s a sitcom called “The Crazy Ones,” and sadly it’s not a Mork & Mindy reunion show, but maybe it will capture some of that “lightning in…

Market Tips

Heather over at Moderately Crunchy has some tips for getting the most out of the Farmer’s Market. Among them: Shop early. Know your local growing seasons. Go through the loop first. Develop relationships.

(needs “Church Lady” reference)

Part of my job involves monitoring the comments on the KRTV Facebook page – the vast majority are fine, just folks expressing their opinion, etc – an occasional few cross the line and have to be removed – and then there are some that just…well, take a look: So I did a “little research” and could find zero evidence that Lavey has ever been to Great Falls, let alone written his infamous “bible” here in…

Little Bandits!

Got to “visit” with these little raccoons in Black Eagle today – they are SO. FREAKING. ADORABLE. Of course, all raccoons are named Bandit – you knew that, right? Look at them, with their cute little human-like hands…why, it’s almost as if they know how to use them to grab things…and then run away on two legs… (full video here)

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