Pancake Puppies!

Enjoyed a mid-day meal at Denny’s on Saturday with my bride and my new sis & bro-in-law. Haven’t been to Denny’s in…several years?…and discovered these tasty and ADORABLY-NAMED treats: Pancake Puppies!

Get it? Little pancakes served up like hush puppies! Pancake Puppies! Too perfect.

By the way…the Denny’s up on Gore Hill – what was it called before it became Denny’s? Drawing a blank on the name…



Into The Drink

I’ve seen a few cars go into the Missouri River, but last night was the first time that I’ve seen a car in (or partially in) Gibson Pond.

Happened a little after 9 p.m., and it seems to have just been an accident – driver likely stepped on gas instead of brake. Fortunately, nobody seemed to have been hurt, and I didn’t see any dead or injured ducks or geese, either, thank goodness.

Quite a few people gathered to watch as the tow truck driver spent at least 30 minutes working on pulling the car out.

And I got to meet Ted King – he’s the (fairly new) meteorologist at KFBB; he walked up next to me as I was shooting the video and asked what had happened – said he lived nearby and noticed the commotion; nice guy. He pointed out that it would make a “good news story.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that, so I just sort of mumbled, “Yeah, I guess it probably would…”




Remember all of the anxiety about the roundabout that went “live” a few weeks ago over at Division and Smelter?

Carey over at CAT Graphics decided to have a little fun with it – she is now selling bumper stickers!

If you are one of the brave few who have challenged and survived the terrifying roundabout, you should get one to proudly display on your vehicle – it will serve as both a badge of honor for you, and a warning to others about the terrible danger of…THE ROUNDABOUT!

I Survived The Great Falls Roundabout

Concrete Eyesore

Ever wonder what will become of that concrete eyesore along Smelter Avenue near the Twilite Center?

Work started on it several years ago – think it was originally planned to be the site of Bostons The Gourmet Pizza restaurant that eventually was built on 7th Street off of 10th Avenue South.

So now this not-even-halfway-complete concrete thing just sits. No idea who owns it, or if there are any plans for it.

But you know…it would be absolutely perfect as a Starbucks – this side of town needs one! – seems to be just about the right size, and it’s set far enough back from the street that parking and drive-thru wouldn’t be a problem, unlike the 10th Avenue South location.

What else could it be used for…



Hearty congratulations to my kid sister, who retired from the U.S. Air Force back east a couple of days ago! She and I were fortunate to have our father commission us just a few years apart, and he was also the officiant at her retirement ceremony. Best wishes to Jen and her family as they begin a new adventure!


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