City Of Destiny

Picked up some MacKenzie River pizza last night and spotted this nifty poster hanging on the wall.

The City of Destiny, GREAT FALLS, MONTANA.

Only 5 Years Old – Population 10,000

With its wonderful Resources it will become the chief Industrial and Commercial Center between Minneapolis and Portland.

The Greatest Developed Water Power in the world, Wealth of Coal and Iron, Precious Metals Timber and Wool, Ranching and Agriculture; Industries at Great Falls – Backed by many Magnates: The City Provided with all Modern Improvements.


MARCH 15, 1892

Great Falls - City of Destiny!

Montana Reality

Rachell pointed out this interesting Craigslist ad:

We are looking for a experienced videographer for periodic shoots in central MT throughout the year for a successful reality TV show based in Montana…These are very challenging and very fun outdoor assignments. We shoot from trucks, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, hike up mountainsides, etc. And we also need to capture depth of character, poignant moments and turn non-events into entertaining TV.

Hmmm…will the focus be on ranching? Outdoor sports? Extreme living?

GFPD Harlem Shake

CMR has done it, some folks at Western Art Week did it, a crew at UGF did it, and now member of the GFPD Honor Guard have done it – “it” being the Harlem Shake nonsense.

+10 points for having one of the K-9 pups participate (assuming it is)!

Just a hunch – but I think they might have created this video to show at the Policeman’s Ball that was held on Saturday night.

GFPD Honor Guard - Harlem Shake

Day trips from Great Falls!

No matter which direction you go heading out of Great Falls, you’re in for a treat. So fortunate to live in the most beautiful place imaginable.

Here’s some of my favorites:

A visit and bite to eat in Carter!

Beautiful drive and awesome burger over in Square Butte!

Checking out Cascade!

A perfect day trip – how about Augusta?

Can’t forget Choteau!

Here’s some fun pix of the trips:

Day trips from Great Falls

Day trips from Great Falls

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