Took our first trip to the new Kobe Seafood and Steakhouse, and WOW – what a wonderful experience!

Food was excellent, the service was top-notch, and the whole meal-prep production was delightful and entertaining.

Seriously – the cook (Leo) was just amazing – tossing sharp cutlery with ease, lobbing food into our mouths, cracking jokes – his performance alone is worth charging admission.

And in addition to the dining experience, we ran into several friends, which was quite fun!

I tried the Kobe steak, which was quite simply the most tender cut of meat I’ve ever had. It was very good, but *not quite* as good as the Highwood Bar (duh). The fried rice was awesome, too.

Here’s some highlights, including my friend Nicole and her buddy Pat going for broke with “sake bombs.”

Kobe Seafood and Steakhouse

Kobe Seafood and Steakhouse: 406-315-3775; address is 115 3rd Street NW.

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