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  1. But consider this, @David. If you use goofy silly hastags and one just happens to go viral, then you win the Internet. #You #Win #The #Internet! That’s worth annoying the hell out people, isn’t it?

  2. #Don’t #Forget #Instagram. And those photos are often shared to facebook, but the comment is the same as on instagram…

    But I’m guilty of saying ‘hashtag mess’ or something along those lines in everyday conversation. :S

  3. Cait, bonkrood — I know – it’s directed mostly at people who use Twitter as their primary outlet and insist on using hashtags such as #lovemyfamily and #verytired and such!

    bonkrood – you will NEVER be out of my club! Remember – you were the VERY FIRST Great Falls (and Montnaa) blog that I ever saw – hard to beelive it was waaaaay back in early 2002!!!

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