Beef O’Brady’s Review

Finally gave Beef O’Brady’s a try on Saturday. Overall verdict: not great, but good and fun.

Beef O'Brady's in Great Falls

Atmosphere is much more sporty than I anticipated – plenty of big screen TVs across the dining room, all with football and/or basketball games on. Don’t care for sports at all, but they weren’t loud or too distracting. And unlike its predecessor in that space, you don’t have to stand in the entrance wondering whether you approach a counter, take a seat, wait for help, etc.

Service was outstanding – seated immediately, all staff very friendly, and our waitress Shelly was absolutely wonderful. We chatted with the manager after our meal and told him that she was awesome.

Pretty extensive menu – lots of appetizers, plenty of salads, chicken of all sorts, burgers galore, fajitas, pizza, etc.

We opted for the pub chips to start things off; they were pretty good, topped with cheese and bacon bits.

Pub Chips at Beef O'Brady's

Main course for K was fish and chips; she opted for the curly fries. Verdict: pretty standard fish – adequate, nothing too special. The ranch dressing was too sweet, she noted.

As for me – of course – I had to give the bacon double-cheeseburger a try! It’s called the OMG Burger, and it was pretty damn good. Bacon was awesome, it had plenty of cheese, and was a very juicy burger. Tied with the Q Burger at Goode’s for Best Burger in Great Falls!

OMG Burger at Beef O'Brady's

The fries were utterly bland. Tasteless, in fact. I nibbled on one of K’s curly fries, and it was good, but the plain fries were just…blah.

Bonus points: the burger was served precisely the way I ordered it – no lettuce, no tomato, etc. Just beef, bacon, cheese, and bun. That may not sound like a big deal, but trust me – it is definitely noteworthy. I’d estimate that about 3/4 of the time when I order a burger at any sit-down restaurant, it is served with something within or on the side that I explicitly said I don’t want.

Now for the fun part: they put white butcher-block paper on the tables and some crayons! I tried my hand at doodling a duck and a cow, but they got their lines mixed up. They are also both wearing hats.

Moo duck and quack cow

There were a few gambling machines in there, too, and while I don’t like the standard gaming machines, there was one that caught my attention – it’s similar to the “grabbing” hook machines with stuffed animals and prizes, but this one had electronics and such. Not super-fancy, but enough to make it interesting: a Vivitar video recorder, an e-book reader, etc. At $1 per try, it adds up quickly…but we did succeed after several tries, emerging victorious with a 2 GB USB drive!

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