Exit Macaroni Grill

Didn’t see this coming: the Macaroni Grill in Great Falls is closing. Only ate there once – was standard fare, nice decor, but nothing too exciting.

Some of the comments on the KRTV Facebook page are puzzling – several of them are upset that without Macaroni Grill, there’s no Italian restaurant in Great Falls. Um…how about Rikki’s? I love their baked cheesy ziti! And of course there’s the usual calls for Olive Garden and Hooter’s and such.

So apparently it will be replaced by a non-chain restaurant called the Moonshine Grill…can’t wait to give it a shot when it opens in January…will be interesting to see how it stacks up against my current fave, the Montana Club.

Macaroni Grill closing

Seems like just yesterday that the rumors began about Macaroni Grill coming to town…and by “yesterday” I mean – holy cow, more than five years?

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