Northside Filling Station

Another new coffee shop/eatery in Great Falls! This one is the Northside Filling Station, and it’s in the old gas station in the parking lot of Van’s, between 25th and 26th Streets along 6th Avenue North. They’ve been open for a few weeks, and among the offerings: all kinds of coffee drinks, breakfast sandwiches and burritoes, pastries, and such. I stopped in yesterday and ordered a couple of breakfast sandwiches – egg, Canadian bacon, cheese…

Meet Georgia

One of the newest bloggers in town is Georgia Mae – she’s a young’un, but she’s definitely got the hang of it. Writes well, includes photos, and even throws in plenty of animated gifs! Her latest entry is about Beef O’Brady’s, one of the new restaurants in Great Falls, and she brings up an interesting point: “The parking lot has been consistently full ever since they opened so I figured the food couldn’t be half…

Christmas Carols

This is a fridge magnet in our house…don’t know where it came from, but it’s chock-full of holiday goodness. Bonus points if you can name ’em all!


Another great Montana license plate – this one is FOXIE1. More fun plates here.



Burger: The Montana Club

After enjoying a practically perfect dinner at the Montana Club last week, it was time for the Big Test: cheeseburger! So as the big, fluffy snow was falling on this Sunday, we headed to the Montana Club, and this is what I had: Two 1/3 patties, two (or 3?) kinds of cheese, and bacon, served on a focaccia bun. Technically, I ordered the “OMG Burger” (seriously, that’s what it is called), but I skipped the…

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