“Barred” from Bar S

So we stopped at the Bar S for lunch two Sundays ago, and it was absolutely delicious. Burger was excellent, same with the fries. My only regret on that day was that I ordered a single burger, instead of a double! And the service – via April – was outstanding. April mentioned that they were trying to get more folks in for Sunday lunch, and based on our meal and service that day, we thought…

Off To Carter!

Took a fun little drive up to Carter on Saturday – lunch at the Rocking K, and a stop at The Quilting Hen. As for the burger…it was VERY good, even better than our last visit. Definitely worth the 23-mile drive. And the hand-cut fries were perfect. Saw this cute little pronghorn in the field between the Rocking K and the Quilting Hen. He (she?) seemed quite content, didn’t mind us taking his picture. And…

Wrong Station

Tom Balek – who, coincidentally, was just added to the GreaterFalls blogroll last week! – posted the following message on Twitter on Friday evening: “Jr. High Kids in Charge at KRTV?” Uh, yeah, that got my attention. The link is to a blog entry that he posted, in which he states: This week KRTV News in Great Falls ran an item about the Montana secretary of state race, opening with a nice video of incumbent…

Voices Of Montana in GF

Aaron Flint hosted his weekday “Voices Of Montana” radio program from The Daily Grind in downtown Great Falls today – very cool. Among his guests were Ed Buttrey, who talked about UAVs/drones, and James Parker Shield, who talked about the possibility of a tourist center on Hill 57. Aaron’s show airs M-F on AM 1450 KQDI in Great Falls. Good stuff.

Riverview Fire

Just around the corner from my house – on Riverview Drive – drove up, talked with battallion chief who said that there were no injuries. Kudos – as always – to our firefighters! One nice touch: looked like a homeowner across the street had set out a tray of coffee and cups for the fire crews. Click the pic for more info.


From a delightful 1948 book titled “Our Cattle.” This is pretty much the mental picture that I always get whenever I see a reference to a cow lowing. This. Is. Awesome. Suggested caption?

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