Animal Stickers!

Love these. What could be cuter than stickers of animals?

Friday Deer

Had a few visitors in the backyard at work today! In this shot, one deer was preparing to try to…ahem…


People once laughed at the thought of a man breaking the four-minute mile. They once mocked those who claimed that we could put a man on the moon. And they once mocked the man who dared to dream of combining a cookie-brownie-cupcake-donut… …looks like I had the last laugh. Yep. A “cookie-brownie,” placed on top of a frosted cupcake, placed on top of a maple donut.


A lovely Saturday drive out to Geraldine and Square Butte, and among the highlights: cows! Some more pix here.


Seems to be some sort of “spider mania” in Great Falls lately – camel spiders, hobo spiders – and tonight my friend Jen came home from work and found this black widow spider that her fiancee had trapped under a glass…

Bye Bye Baja

Pretty surprised that Baja Fresh/Canyon Burgers has shut down already – they just opened back in December. Might be a record “open to close” for a chain in Great Falls. On the other hand, the closure isn’t completely surprising – as I noted after eating there, the burgers were definitely not worth going back for…and to be honest, I think the combo “burger joint/Mexican cafe” theme was a bit confusing. And the unnecessary complication of…

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