“The Love I Lost” Remix

Anyone who loves Teddy Pendergrass (and Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes) and hasn’t yet heard this amazing extended version/remix of “The Love I Lost” needs to listen to it. Now. It was created by Dimitri From Paris.

Really Big Sky

I had to do a search for “Molly’s Nipple Road” today (it does exist) and one of the search results was for an entry on the Hitchhiker’s Guide To America, which offers some perspective about why Montana is called Big Sky Country. The state still looks like a place where you could park your car along some two-lane highway, start walking away from the road, and spend the rest of your life as a mountain…

Happy Birthday Kallie!

Ziggy went to a birthday party on Saturday – his “girlfriend” Kallie turned 5 years old! Kallie enjoyed her cake and wore her party hat and tore into her presents. Ziggy…well, he’s not much for hats, but he managed to keep his on for about 3 seconds so we could get this picture.


Bless their little hearts for trying – as of 9:34 pm, the GF Trib thinks that it’s “breaking news” that a house burned NW of Great Falls … if only they had turned to KRTV.com at 12:57 pm when it was first reported and was *actually* breaking news.



My friend in Bozeman, Erin, took a vacay to Ireland a few weeks ago – and I begged her for a postcard. She came through like a champ – not just any postcard, but a postcard with STICKERS on it! And not just any postcard with stickers on it – a postcard with SHEEP stickers on it! Awesome. Thank you Erin!

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