Lost & Found

GreaterFalls buddy Ron found a DVD/CD case along Division Road recently and thought that someone might recognize it. It’s packed with dozens of DVDs and CDs, including music and video games. If it’s yours, and you can correctly identify some of the items inside (not including the ones shown below), let me know in the comments or email me at david AT greaterfalls.com so that it can be returned.

It’s a bit dusty and dirty, so no clue as to whether or not the DVDs and CDs still work.

Bump In The Night

A car crashed into power poles and injured at least one person just before midnight on Tuesday. The car slammed into the poles on the east side of Praise Tabernacle Church off of 13th Street South and 22nd Avenue. Looks like one person was injured and taken to Benefis, and two other people fled the scene.

Click the image for link to story.

Cut Bank Rant

Apparently a movie called “Cut Bank” is almost ready to begin shooting in – where else? – Cut Bank, just a short drive north of Great Falls. I was poking around online for information about it, and stumbled across this on the ScriptShadow website:

Well, I lived in Cut Bank then Kalispell Montana from 2005 to 2009 so let me try to shed some light. I am originally from Philadelphia, mind you. Let me state that any pretense of professionalism portrayed by the Glacier County Sheriff, Cut Bank Police, or any Montana law enforcement right on up to the Federal level would be pure speculation bordering on fantasy. If the clown on the screen is not a bloated, toothless, drooling, inbred sociopath with a badge and gun, you are simply way off the mark. The sole concern of all law enforcement in Cut Bank is mixing and dealing meth, running prostitutes, writing tickets then seizing property from unsuspecting tourists, and of course harassing anyone not directly involved with sanctioned illegal activity out of town. This is to include coordination with local Cut Bank denizens, who are all too willing to hop on the band wagon.

Soooo…guess this guy won’t be coming back for a vacation anytime soon.

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