Printing Center USA

Email showed up in my inbox – the folks at Printing Center USA here in Great Falls are looking for some talent. If you’ve got the skills, might be worth checking it out. And did you know they have a blog?

Looking for one or two people to perform the following jobs. These positions may be part time and don’t need to be located in Great Falls, can work from home. Both positions need: A Self-starter with strong self-management skills and the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities. And also learn new technology, software and systems quickly.

1: Web and print graphic design

Seeking Graphic Design professional that works in both the online and offline worlds. To design and layout our ecommerce website, marketing campaigns and online design templates.

Web and print design experience

BA in design or equivalent industry experience

Ability to multi-task, prioritize and communicate progress in a fast paced environment

Expert in Adobe CS Suite, particularly Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign

Experience with Flash, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Please include a link to your portfolio or provide work samples as part of the application process. Please indicate your role and contribution for each project submitted.

2: Website Technical Support and SEO Technician

Seeking Web Technical support to help create a web site that is both attractive to the user and easy to navigate. Also seeking an SEO Technician to help structure and code the website for higher search engine rankings. Implement certain elements to improve the SEO ranking such as creating silo’s, redirects, cleaning/reorganizing code and restructuring the website for better SEO.

Ability to convert raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/HTML/XHTML pages


Javascript/AJAX development

General knowledge of back-end technologies along with thorough understanding of the front-end impacts

Experience in SEO and technical aspects of an ecommerce website.

BS in computer science or a related field, or significant equivalent experience

Expert in HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS

Monitors technology trends and researches relevant technical developments for practical application

Experience with web application development

Mobile development experience a plus

Mapping or outlining a website’s structural content.

Posting completed site to internet server using FTP software.

Submitting completed sitemap to search engines.

Printing Center USA is an online digital and offset printing company located in Great Falls, Montana. PrintingCenterUSA has been offering great printing and provided personal customer support since 1971. Our little printing company has grown to an online full color printing, digital printing and mailing house. Serving customers across the USA. If you meet the desired skills and experience email your resume today.

When I Win…

When I win the Mega Millions lottery jackpot tonight, I’ve got big plans. The jackpot is now sitting at $640M, but after taking the lump sum payment and then paying taxes, I figure I’ll be sitting pretty with at least $230M. Here are some of my plans – some civic-minded, others personal:

1. Arrange to have a giant bison statue placed along the Missouri River, similar to Lucy the elephant in New Jersey.

2. Have free wi-fi installed and available across all of downtown Great Falls.

3. Build a large convenience store/gas station in the large field at Division Road and Smelter Avenue.

4. Build a Starbucks somewhere on the NW side of town…and if I am prevented from doing that, then I will arrange to have my 10-shot iced Americano delivered to me every morning from our existing Starbucks.

5. Buy the old 10th Street Bridge and create some sort of neat eatery right there on the bridge; a cafe, bistro, coffee shop, full-on restaurant – something. Anything.

6. No fancy car for me – I would finally buy the SUV that I’ve loved ever since they first came out: a Ford Escape. Don’t laugh.

7. Install a high-powered webcam on top of the tower at KRTV, and another one on top of the Milwaukee Station tower.

8. Buy a radio station here in Great Falls and play only the following types of music: big band, swing, jazz, funk, soul, exotica, lounge, space age pop. Rotate between (for instance) Luther Vandross, Frank Sinatra, Martin Denny, Parliament, Peggy Lee, Les Baxter, Dean Martin, James Brown, Esquivel, etc.

Also note: wouldja believe that I wouldn’t quit my job? Not just no, but heck no – I love it too much!

And now, off to buy a lottery ticket. Would be a shame if I forgot to actually purchase one and then found out that someone else had won MY jackpot!

Short Story

I was pretty upset about the Grammies awards a few weeks ago; I thought that predicting the winners would be a snich. So I thought that it might be fun to take my mind off it by celebrating Marti Gras, which is almost as fun as New Year’s Eve, when people can get free lays. Then I decided it would be more fun to drive up to Left Bridge in Canada. Before I headed out, I briefly considered whether I might need some sort of protection – maybe a riffle – in case I encountered any grizzly bears along the way, but then I remembered that there are only 30 grizzly bears left in the wild, so I figured I’d be safe. At the last minute, I changed my mind about the trip, however; my conscious just wouldn’t let me do it.

Embedding Video

I’m embedding this video here on for the simple reason that I can – the embed link for the video is provided on the Burlington Free Press website as one of several options.

Despite that, a fellow blogger is being called out by the Burlington Free Press (a Gannett organization, BTW) for embedding the video, as noted by Romenesko.

Here’s the email sent to the blogger by the associate editor of the paper:

Kilian, Michael
3:49 PM (11 hours ago)
to me, Ryan, Mike
Hello —
Your March 19 post on Green Mountain Daily represents an inappropriate use of a Burlington Free Press video, “T.J. Donovan running for Attorney General against Sorrell.”
We allow sites to link to this copyrighted material, but not to post the content themselves.
Please remove the actual video from Green Mountain Daily and let me know when this occurs. You may keep the link to the video on the Burlington Free Press website.
Avoid this inappropriate use of our video or other content in the future. Thank you.
Mike Kilian
Associate Editor
Burlington Free Press

WTH? Is it some sort of a stupid trick by Kilian to generate traffic by generating some bogus controversy, even at the risk of making himself look foolish? Or does he genuinely not understand the concept of “Embed This Video” links provided BY HIS OWN SITE?

Getting the embed code is literally a matter of just a few clicks:

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