Montana For Real

A neat blog titled simply “Montana For Real.” The author, Kari, blogs from “North Central Montana” and says this:

I started writing because I thought it would be cool if someone who’d really been there told stories about ranching and rodeo. Now I write a newspaper column and novels about life and love for 21st century cowgirls and cowboys. I’d like to share my Montana with you. Here’s what it looks like when you’ve been looking at it your entire life.

Among the highlights I’ve seen so far: in the kitchen, ranch life, and livestock! Good stuff – go say hi!


Bet you didn’t know that there is a category in the Great Falls phone book for “Kosher Foods” – and it does have an entry:

UPDATE, Monday night: greetings Farksters! Yeah, Great Falls isn’t exactly a hot-spot of kosher food, so stumbling across this in the phone book was a bit of a head-scratcher.

And I’ll admit to being a bit puzzled by all the JJ hate in the Fark thread – they’re not GREAT sammies, but they’re definitely GOOD sammies. And as noted in one of the Fark comments – they are fast and convenient, and I also love that you can just order a “slim” and not have to worry about lettuce, tomato, sprouts, veggies, etc. No need to ruin a good meat-cheese-bun sammie with a salad!

Also: this is the second time I’ve been Farked…do I get a prize for the third?

“Stranger” Comment

Couple of years ago (almost to the day!) I posted an entry about Stranger Things, a very unique shop in downtown Great Falls; they sell Family Guy, KISS, skulls, dragons, toys, Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, “living dead” dolls, incense, tote bags, Elvis gear, etc.

Desiree left a comment the other day on that entry: “I have the 13th series Tenebre dead doll i am wanting to sell does anyone know where i can do that at in Greatfalls?”

Anybody able to help?

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