Gettin’ Lei’d

Amazing how homophones can create entirely new meanings when used incorrectly…especially when one of them is a Hawaiian word for a garland or wreath, and the other is slang for copulation.

Watching the ball drop in New York is fun. But to bring in the New Year with a bang, Great Falls bars are getting the party started Saturday night.
The Flamingo AKA “Dirty Bird” has $5 all-you-can-drink champagne, free hats, free lays…”And that might be the closest these guys get for the evening, or as close to a lay as they get for the evening,” said Flamingo Owner P.T. Barnum.

Also puts a different twist on “bang” in the opening paragraph…

Great Falls: How Windy?

Another very windy day in Great Falls! It sure seems like this has been the windiest, non-snowiest, warmest December I’ve ever had in Great Falls. So how windy is Great Falls overall?

The Tribune says we are the 4th-windiest city in the nation.

FunTrivia – citing NOAA – says that Great Falls ranks at #7. This site also reports that Great Falls is #7.

City-Data reports that Great Falls is #12, although there’s no cite.

WindEnergy ranks Great Falls at #13.

And no formal ranking, but some wind info from the experts at NOAA:

Recorded wind data started in 1942 at Great Falls. The wind direction has a profound impact on temperatures and precipitation in the area, especially during the winter months. While the prevailing winds at Great Falls are from the southwest to west-southwest, occasional north to northeasterly winds during the late winter and early spring contribute to significant upslope precipitation events. The greatest variability in wind direction in the Great Falls area results from thunderstorm outflow winds, primarily during spring and summer afternoons.

The average wind speed recorded at Great Falls between 1942 and 2002 is 12.5 miles per hour (mph). Winds averaged on a monthly basis are at a maximum (15.4 mph) during December and are lowest (9.9 mph) in July. The highest daily average wind speed recorded at Great Falls was 44.0 mph on January 29, 1974.

Daily peak wind gusts recorded between 1942-2002 average out to 28.8 mph. Monthly averaged peak wind gusts top out at 31.6 mph in December and are at a minimum of 27.6 mph in August. The peak wind gust recorded at the Great Falls International Airport was 92 mph on June 27, 1970.


I know this isn’t very exciting for some people, but it made my day! We got a call at the station about a deer in the backyard of a Riverview home, and since it’s a slow news day, maybe we want to come get a few pix or video? Heck yeah! Here’s a snippet:

Brief write-up and longer video here.

And as noted above – yeah, not very dramatic – deer, deer everywhere in Montana, etc – but they’re not *usually* in Riverview backyards for four hours!

Baja Fresh/Canyons Burgers

Finally took the new Baja Fresh/Canyons Burgers for a spin on Friday night. It’s the restaurant that opened up last month in the old Elmer’s location. On our menu: double-cheeseburger, fries, and a garlic lime marinated shrimp burrito. Initial report: burger was fair – not great, just fair. Fries were excellent. Burrito was good.

But note that this order was take-out, so I’m giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming that the burger will be tastier if it’s actually eaten at the restaurant. The service was excellent – very friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere, plenty of space. And the manager even discounted the order, since I was the last customer of the night on the “casual” side – a very nice touch.

Also ran into Gregg and some of his family there – heard later on that he was less than impressed with the food. My vote: while the food wasn’t great, it’s definitely worth a second chance.

Baja Fresh and Canyon Burgers

Xmas at Walgreens

Enjoyed some tasty chocolate pie at Good Time Charlie’s on Christmas evening (Sunday) with my daughter, and was shocked to find out that they ran out of the turkey meal at about 8 pm – and as we were paying our bill, the cook came out and announced to the staff that they had run out of ALL of the holiday meals.

After that, we stopped at Walgreens to see what kind of Christmas action was happenening…it was pretty busy, but the staff seemed to be holding up OK. If I hadn’t already taken care of my holiday shopping, I could have made some last-minute purchases…

First up: a classic Chia pet! Can never go wrong with this miracle of potted plantery!

Next is something that no home should be without: a Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzle.

And what Christmas tree would be complete without a “DJ Pauly D” ornament?

And saving the best for last: the Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set! With this modern convenience, you can rest assured: meatloaf never falls apart!

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