Happy Halloween!

Hope your Halloween was frightfully delightful! This is Jasper, my first-ever sugar skull!

The Feedlot!

In case you were wondering: yes, The Feedlot is on Facebook! Mmmm…might be time for a French dip sandwich and fries…

Pig Races Daily

“Pig races daily” – two things: first, these aren’t real pig races – just video gaming machines with pig-racing graphics, I suspect. 🙂 You’ve got to wait for the Montana State Fair to see REAL pig races! Which leads to the second thing: pretty sure that the “pig races” are part of the casino, NOT part of the Teriyaki Kitchen!

Thirty Grizzlies

Contrary to one published report, there are in fact more than 30 grizzly bears in the wild. The inaccurate report states: “Grizzly bears are endangered and with a struggling population of 30 bears left in the wild…” So that means there are only this many grizzly bears left in the wild! Obviously, that’s beyond ridiculous. There’s probably 30 grizzly bears wandering around in Cascade County alone! Let’s see what a minute of Googling will reveal:…

Sugar Skulls

Something to get you into the “spirit” as Halloween approaches…sugar skulls! Next up: decorating them!


I listen to a lot of radio as I’m driving around town – flipping between KEIN for some classic tunes (Sinatra!), some NPR and 102.7 for news, 92.9 and 93.7 for rock and pop…and plenty of 1400 for talk radio. Lots of the talkers frequently push the “Income At Home” website, and I always figured it was some sort of referral website that would connect people with work-at-home prospects based on interests and abilities. I…

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