Absolutely amazing – watching the Blue Angels soar over Great Falls this afternoon, marveling at their precision and skill. An awesome demonstration from the second-best aerial demonstration team in the world!

Hey, I’m retired US Air Force – gotta stay loyal to the Thunderbirds!

Picture-perfect weather for it, too…thank goodness the show wasn’t scheduled for a few hours later, when some monster wind (and lots of dust and a bit of rain) blew in!

Click for larger view.

A & Q

Rumor mill says that Great Falls’ very own NYT-bestselling author Jamie Ford – or, more precisely, Jamie’s book – is the correct question to a Jeopardy! answer on tonight’s episode.

This comes just a few weeks after his book was also featured in an ad for the Apple iPhone.

Well done, Jamie! I’d say this qualifies as a trifecta: NYT, iPhone, Jeopardy!

UPDATE: Wasn’t a rumor – it really happened – Jamie has some thoughts on his star turn!

Surfin’ KRTV

Victory! Team KRTV brought home the Flow Rider Challenge trophy on Wednesday night, defeating the teams from KFBB, the Tribune, and the Central Montana Radio Network! Good-natured fun, all on behalf of the Great Falls Community Food Bank.

The KRTV team was was made up of meteorologist Daniel Johnson and reporters Erin Schermele and Zachery Lashway.

Heh…when Zach moved to Great Falls from New York a few months ago, bet he never figured that he would be SURFING in Montana before he tried skiing!

That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

A valiant effort, but alas, my Monster Montana Cookies fell short in the Better Homes & Gardens “State Cookie Contest.” Congratulations to Louise Bishop, whose Washington State Chocolate Filled Raindrops garnered the most votes!

And considering the population of each of the states, it’s still satisfying to see WA win the title, instead of CA, NY, TX, FL, etc. THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my cookies, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to arrange a “tasting session” yet – I’m still working on it, promise!

One final note: if there had been a “Plating” category, I have no doubt that Montana would have won, thanks to the visual demonstration that the Monster Montana Cookies are indeed “bigger than a bison!”

And thanks to BHG for inviting me to participate and represent Montana, and for the snazzy cookie sheet!

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