Starway Superette Update

Whoa – when I asked about the history of the Starway Superette, I didn’t realize that (a) it had been open as recently as 2003, and (b) that it was the location of a terrible crime: On the evening of June 8, 2003, a man entered the Starway Superette with a gun and ordered Calixto Joaquin, the owner and sole employee of the store, to open the cash register. The same man had been in…


Hmmm…SAM moved from 107.3 to 102.7 on the FM dial, and I notice that on the SAM website, it’s no longer called SAM-Simply About Music, but instead SAN-Simply About Nuttyness. Well, in some areas, at least. Maybe the recent radio shuffle means a new owner, and the former owner of the “SAM” brand won’t let them use the SAM name? Eh…either way, it’s still a good station with an eclectic mix of tunes.


Reason #3,127 that my fiancee is the best – this present she surprised me with recently:

Starway Superette

So…can any of you tell me about the Starway Superette?

Lost Luggage

An online acquaintance says: “Lost luggage on Hwy 87 somewhere between Great Falls and Havre. It fell off the roof of our van. It is black with pink polka dots and has my maternity clothes, my daughter’s clothes, and my boyfriend’s clothes. Really, really would just love it returned please! Just moved and the clothes are desperately needed. Please contact if you hear anything or have any info. Thank you so much!” If you’ve seen…

Driving Thru

Desire for Hardee’s breakfast? Check. Four-wheeled motorized vehicle? Check. Drive-thru service? Check.

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