KRTV Update

A certain TV station in Great Falls is currently airing a commercial stating that they offer the “only local mobile video.” Um…no. That is either ignorance, misinformation, or a lie. KRTV does indeed offer “local mobile video” via an Android App and an iPhone App. To wit:

KRTV also offers text-message alerts sent straight to your cell phone – just text KRTVNEWS to 95730 to sign up.

ALSO! KRTV also has the most Facebook fans of any north-central Montana news outlet (TV or newspaper), the most Twitter followers of any north-central Montana news outlet (TV or newspaper), and – trust me – the coolest online friends and fans.

Just setting the record straight.

Jamie Ford @ SBX

Always neat to run into Jamie Ford around Great Falls – and rare, as he spends an awful lot of time jet-setting around the globe. Hey, that’s the price he pays for being a best-selling author! Here he is at Starbucks (and that’s Kitty in the background – hi Kitty!).

Jamie Ford

And me with my big mouth – couldn’t resist telling the barista that this customer was best-selling author Jamie Ford. Jamie grinned sheepishly, and the barista asked what he had written. When she learned that it’s called “Hotel On The Corner of Bitter & Sweet,” she broke out in a huge grin and said that she had read it and LOVED it!

TV Time

– Working our way through “Batman” on the HUB channel (121 on Bresnan). Damn, but it’s fun. Watching it now made me realize that it is probably my favorite childhood TV show. Didn’t realize until now how much they switched things up with season 3 – different plots, different format, lots more Alfred, and of course the addition of Batgirl! By season 3, the producers just seemed to go all-out with the camp, the parody, and the fun. And the music – groovy.

– Totally hooked on “30 Rock.” It is genius. Don’t care much for the politics of some of the stars on that show – but they are damn fine and funny actors. As far as the characters – they’re all so good, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

– Never cared much for “American Idol,” rarely tuned in to watch…but this time around, I am 100% hooked and cheering for Jacob Lusk. Absolutely amazing. The other 23 contestants should forfeit and just hand him the crown.

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