Me: Evil, Guilty, Nazi Sympathizer?

Remember I mentioned a few months ago that one person sends long, ranty e-mails to KRTV regularly, and sends “cc” copies to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and other news outlets? I posted one of his e-mails – without mentioning him by name – just to let folks know that “letters to the editor” aren’t confined only to newspapers. I highlighted that particular e-mail because the person who sent it does it often – usually daily – and fills each e-mail with long ramblings about…well, I’m not sure.

But today, this guy’s e-mail caught me by surprise, since he names me – specifically ME – as a “Nazi sympathizer,” for some reason. He also takes a swing at all of my co-workers at KRTV.

Today’s e-mail was – as always – way long and hard to understand, but this is the section that jumped out at me:

The only person who gets a free pass for voting for my Neo-Nazi opponent is himself since it was his name. Everyone else is branded a Nazi sympathizer — especially the enablers at KRTV telling lies as truths (Fair? No, Accurate? No. To the point? No. — enablers controlling content (his name is David Sherman and he has been judged guilty, I have his email address, but he’s just as evil as the others are and a Nazi sympathiser since he enabled THEM — my guess is payola).

All I know about this guy is that his name is Keith Melhus, he lives in or near Conrad, and he recently ran for public office.

Another Challenge For…

Time for your Friday pop-culture fun: the intro the TV show “The Green Hornet!” They had a mini-marathon two weeks ago on the SyFy channel to drum up support for the movie…which I still am considering going to see, even though I know it’s deliberately being played more for laughs than the TV (or radio) show. I know it has potential to be enjoyable…and would see it fully aware that it’s not THE Green Hornet…hmm. Anyway…enjoy the clip – arguably the greatest TV theme EVER!

Friday Linkage

If it’s Friday, it’s time for Jack’s weekly “Caught My Eye” column!

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And don’t forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE for Central Catholic High School!

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