Shoes Out, Batteries In

Bad: Village Shoes in Holiday Village Mall has closed – heard from an employee over the weekend that they were down to about 30 pairs of shoes that morning, and that they sold the last ones a few hours later. They sold everything in the store – not just the shoes, but the chairs, cash register, etc.

Good: there’s a “Batteries Plus” sign hanging on the door of the empty space next to Great Clips in the mall parking lot – the space formerly owned by “Entrees Made Easy.”


Ventured out the Skyline Club last night with some friends. Truly can’t beat the view from atop Gore Hill! We got there at 5:30, and were the only customers until about 8:30. During that time, we sampled the (limited) menu, and proclaimed everything tasty! I chowed on the HUGE double-cheeseburger and fries, and the other folks really enjoyed the onion rings. The, around 8:30, the place started to fill up, and by 10pm, it was pretty packed and a live band was performing. Got pretty loud, so we were outta there.

Skyline Club in Great Falls

Ranty E-mails

One aspect of working in a newsroom that I hadn’t known about until I started working at KRTV is just how many unusual e-mails are sent to newsrooms. One person – who lives just a bit northwest of Great Falls and apparently once sought public office – sends almost daily e-mails to KRTV – and to just about every other media outlet that he can. His e-mails are a bizarre collection of personal rants, political ravings, and topical stuff. Here’s today’s e-mail, unedited except that I removed his name and e-mail address: Read more

Make ‘Em Laugh

Funniest TV Shows Ever: let’s start with the funniest show ever – Arrested Development. Nothing else comes close. Can’t even pick a favorite character, they’re all so great.

Here’s the rest, in no particular order:

The Critic: canceled way before its time. Deserves another shot. Jon Lovitz was perfectly cast.

Seinfeld: brilliant, but doesn’t age as well as I thought it would.

The Simpsons: seasons 3-8 were near-perfect (Deep Space Homer, Mr Plow, etc). Slow, steady slide since then, but still a champ overall.

Night Court: similar to the Simpsons – after the first season got out of the way, it got brilliant for a few years, and then got a bit silly. But those middle seasons – amazing. Harry, Dan, and Christine were awesome characters.

Cheers: didn’t think it would survive the Diane/Rebecca transition, but it did (mostly). And unlike Seinfield, it seems to hold up very well over the years.

Duckman: if you’ve seen it, you know. Probably the “fastest” funny show ever – the zingers came faster than you were able to keep track of ’em.

Dick Van Dyke Show: true classic – set the standard for many, many years.

South Park: No sacred cows. Love it. Ever after 13 (!) years, they’ve still got it.

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