September Morn

From Wednesday morning…another beautiful day begins!

Hi Marlowe!

This is an entry to show Marlowe how to use WordPress! I hope he’s paying attention instead of chatting on his cell phone… (that’s not Marlowe – a friend of ours, demonstrating how strong the winds were near Stanford a few weeks ago)


Another in a series of Decorated Starbucks Cups! This one features a smiling octopus and an apparently pregnant dinosaur (asked for Godzilla, but close enough).

More Corn!

Fall has arrived – woohoo! And that means it’s time for one of the funnest things to do in October – the Corn Maze near Vaughn! My favorite part is the Cow Train! Here’s me in all my corny glory riding the Cow Train; more pix from our ’07 adventure. Here’s some details; visit the official website for more info. Driving Directions 2 miles west of Vaughn on Highway 89, turn north towards Sterling feedlot…

Unicorn at Starbucks!

Another in a series of awesomely-decorated cups from my Starbucks buddies! This one is a unicorn courtesy of Kendra!

10th Avenue – FINALLY!

WOOHOO! Looks like we’re finally going to get 10th Avenue South back – even a little bit early! Trib is reporting: This afternoon motorists should be able to drive eastbound on three new lanes of concrete on Great Falls’ busy 10th Avenue South between 18th and 26th Streets. The opening of the three lanes is expected to take place today, probably “sometime in the afternoon,” said Marvin Davis, project superintendent for United Materials of Great…

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