Just upgraded my WordPress installation…and this is the obligatory test post. Happy end-of-August, everyone!

August Flannel!

Finally! Cool enough outside to wear one of my beloved flannel shirts. And did I mention that it’s still August? w00t!

Sugar Crisp + Jackson 5

Stopped by The Barn (antiques and collectibles) on Saturday and spotted this awesome thing: box of Super Sugar Crisp from 1973 that features a record (remember those?) on the back of the box! And it wasn’t just the box – it was unopened, still had the cereal in it. Selling price: $65.

Rick in Great Falls

Rick Springfield performing in Great Falls!

Rick at Jaker’s & Sip-N-Dip?

Received this from an anonymous source…no idea if it’s true: I have it on “good authority” that Rick Springfield was at Jaker’s last night (Thursday). Him and his girlfriend got into an argument, such that he and his band left without paying the bill. My friend who witnessed this said that the Jakers manager tried to go after them, asking who was going to pay the bill, and that he (Springfield) apparently treated the waiters…

Friday Linkage

Jack The Blogger has another edition of “Caught My Eye” – definitely worth a read. I really enjoy his observations. Greg has some thoughts about the issues surrounding the arrival of “Adam & Eve” (sex toys, lingerie, etc) in downtown Great Falls. Some Canadian visitors enjoyed their trip to Great Falls – especially shopping and eating at On The Border! I’ve only eaten there twice – good fajitas. Also: still some wonky stuff happening under…

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