Good Dog!

Susan Overfield is kicking off another session of dog training:

Montana’s nationally known dog behavior expert, Susan Overfield, will be starting another session of her popular “Saturday Dog” classes on Saturday, June 5, at her dog center in Vaughn, MT on June 5, 2010. Saturday classes run for two hours each Saturday morning, for five weeks (but not July 4). Because of its popularity, slots go fast. Pre-registration is required.
All of Susan Overfield’s training is guaranteed. She does not use choke chains, clickers or treats. For 38 years, dogs all over the U.S. have become healthy, happy members of their families using Susan’s method.

Visit Susan’s website (the name of which continues to puzzle me) for more details .

Montana Herb Gathering

Got an email from my friend Beatrix (of Root & Leaf):

I’m writing to let you know about the Montana Herb Gathering, if you don’t already know about it, and invite you to come for a 3-day weekend of fun, entertainment, herbal lore, fascinating classes with well-known herbalists, and of course delicious food!
It’s coming up soon now, June 25-27 (and a Monday intensive class on the 28th), so check your calendars and hurry to register as soon as you can! All the information you need to find out about the Gathering and to register can be located at
Hope to see you there!

This year the event is being held near Butte.

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