Suki Cafe

Went to the Suki Cafe for the first time. I’m not a fan of sushi or Thai food, but I had already eaten, so we went there to satisfy Krista’s craving for Pad Thai. A quick scan of the menu confirmed that there was nothing remotely appetizing to my simple palate – except for one thing: Fried Banana With Ice Cream. Huh? OK, so I tried it, and it was just as advertised. One banana, cut into four pieces and then fried, served with (tasty) vanilla ice cream. And Krista very much enjoyed her soup and entree.

What really impressed me, though, was the atmosphere and decor – it’s a very lovely restaurant. The folks who converted Big Sky Bagel into the Suki Cafe did a great job. Nice touch: several flat-screens scattered along the walls displaying beautiful scenery (tropical beach, snow-topped mountains and lake, etc). The service was very friendly and quick, too.

Suki Cafe in Great Falls

Here’s a few reviews on Google, and some comments from my earlier entry about Suki Cafe.

Suki Cafe: 1229 10th Avenue South; phone # 770-3037

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