Great Falls Travelogue

Found over at Electric City Weblog, and it’s pretty cool. Somebody named Karch Lockerby (high school student?) created this nifty “travelogue” about Great Falls – great for anyone who is homesick for our amazing town! It’s 3:55 minutes of high-speed fun covering a lot of the major streets and locations in Great Falls. Good job.

YOUR Grilled Cheese?

Spotted near Starbucks this morning:

Billy-Free Zone?

Heard a radio ad for the Old Skyline bar/restaurant, and the voice-over says, “Its a “billy-free” zone, if ya know what I mean.” Um…what is a “billy-free” zone? Or did I hear it wrong?

Mustache March Pix!

Go visit Cindy’s blog and cast your vote in her “Mustache March” contest! If you can’t decide, then just vote for Bobby & Kendell 🙂 although I think the Moving Mustache trio is pretty funny!


At Starbucks this morning – this is one of my favorite plates!

Logo For Downtown Great Falls?

Remember the logo contest for downtown Great Falls? Now available for your viewing and voting pleasure are the following entries! Click here (or the image below) to visit the official site and cast your vote for your favorite. 1, 3, 5, 8, and 9 don’t make my cut, but I can’t choose yet from the rest. Your thoughts?

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