Starbucks Update

Starbucks was PACKED this morning – amazing how many people were there! They’re closing at 6:00 pm this evening, but don’t worry — they’re opening up at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow (Friday). That’s right – THREE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING, so that folks who plan to do some way-early Black Friday shopping can get hopped up on caffeine and be ready to do battle.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Polar Plunge!

Almost time for the annual downtown Christmas Stroll – which means it’s also time for the annual Polar Plunge! Of course KRTV is fielding a team this year, and soliciting donations to support Special Olympics. Katie, Kay, and Shannon are on board to take the Plunge – and it looks like a contest between Heath and Richie for the fourth slot on the team. Heath took the Plunge last year, so he’s a veteran; on…

Friday Tidbits

Jenny has a new fiction blog and wants constructive criticism – go see for yourself at Little Caesars was GREAT! You can’t beat a $5 large pepperoni pizza – always ready when you walk in the door. Both times I’ve been there the folks have been cranking out the pizza like there’s no tomorrow, and they say that business has been amazing. The only thing better than the pizza: CRAZY BREAD! That stuff is…

Ho Ho Ho from the (other) Shermans!

Heh…cruising along 2nd Avenue North and we spotted this festive preparation for the holidays. No, it’s not our house, despite the name. By the way – there is another David Sherman in Great Falls – we were both active-duty Air Force together (but different units) at Malmstrom, and both retired within a few months of each other. We often got e-mails meant for the other one, and jokingly referred to each other as an “evil…

Car Repair Recommendations?

Need some advice, gang: have to get four new tires and new brakes for a Ford Explorer. Sears, Midas, Firestone, Mountain Tire, Tire-Rama, other local shops – any recommendations or cautions?

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