The Pumpkin King!

Wouldja believe that in my whole life, I never carved a pumpkin? Until this week, that is! It was so fun! And then we baked the seeds – delicious! How could I have gone for 43 years and not experienced this before?! And yes, mid-way through the carving, I burst into a few “And I…JACK – the Pumpkin King!” refrains. Here’s a few pix of our creation:

Election ’09 Update

Election Day for Great Falls is almost here! We’re going to have a new Mayor – either Bill Bronson or Mike Winters. And we’ll get two new members of City Commission, from a field of four candidates: Fred Burow, Bob Jones, John Rosenbaum, and Donna Zook. Check out some videos of the candidates over at KRTV. I’m partial to non-incumbents – and that extends not just to municipal elections, but ALL elections. See related post…

Chaz Needs A Home!

Do you have a good, loving home for an adorable pup? Chaz, this 11 month old, male Chocolate Labrador cross is up for adoption. He is neutered, house broken, kennel trained and has been given all required shots and has been well taken care of. Chaz is a kid friendly, energetic puppy with a big heart and loves a companion that can spend time playing and throwing a ball or stick so he can fetch…

KRTV Update: Gettin’ Social

Shameless plug for KRTV! If you haven’t noticed yet, just wanted to let you know that we’ve brought KRTV into the world of social media. Check it out: KRTV on Twitter KRTV Montana This Morning on Twitter Fred Pfeiffer on Twitter KRTV on Facebook KRTV Montana This Morning on Facebook Give ’em all a follow, wouldja?

Snowy Tuesday!

WOOHOO! Didn’t expect a near-blizzard today! And neither did Ziggy – but he sure seems to like the snow!

Election Update; New Blogs

The election is getting pretty close – have you decided who you’re going to vote for yet? There was a candidate debate last night, and Travis has some live-blogging notes so you can see how it went. Thanks Travis! Which reminds me: Burow and Zook have teamed up for a radio ad – have you heard it yet? Check it out here. I like that Fred incorporated his auctioneering skills into it! A new Great…

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