Happy Monday!

WOW! That was quite a Spring snow storm! Absolutely beautiful. Raise your hand if you loved it!

Stopped by PetCo last weekend and saw some cute pups & kitties; they were looking for new homes with the help of Aurora’s Mysticatz. I like the Mysticatz tagline: “Rescued felines with a mysterious past, and a bright future!” Neat website, too.

Great Falls blogger Kirsten was featured in an interview on a local news segment recently about the auction-goers.

Some neat duct-tape art on display over at Drew Montana! Might be a cool Mother’s Day gift 🙂

Miss Montana: DUI?

This isn’t good: Jennifer Hepner, the current Miss Montana, who hails from Great Falls and is a CMR grad, may be facing a DUI charge. The Trib article says that she pleaded not guilty to the charge, but note also this:

But Hepner, who pleaded not guilty at her initial court appearance, filed a petition in Gallatin County District Court on Feb. 4. She said the traffic stop and arrest were illegal, and the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure.

There’s no way this is going to wind up looking good: either Miss Montana was driving under the influence, or the Bozeman police may have acted improperly.

See also the previous entry on Hepner.

Miss Montana Jennifer Hepner

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