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Brent, the genius behind Manly Man Candles, toys with the idea of changing his name. My suggestion: MC Candle. Got any others to recommend?

Jamie Ford, newly-published local author, just learned that his debut novel is entering the NYT bestseller charts at #30. Way to go, Jamie! Can’t wait to see it at #1!

Crazy Diamond begins her latest entry with this gem: “I love Montana. Montana is cooler than your state. And because I am from Montana, that makes me cooler than you.” Love it.

Tax time approaches, and ReAnn has some tips to help you figure out charitable donations and valuations.

Overfield ruling reversed; some comments about the situation over at Electric City Weblog.

Zandy’s Grand Opening

Yeah, not the REAL grand opening – but today was the one with the giant scissors and ribbon from the Chamber of Commerce! Great turnout, lots of fun (waves to Elizabeth) – happy people! And unbeknownst to me, Andrea from KRTV showed up, too – so look for the story at in a little bit (and on the 5:30 news tonight)!
UPDATE: here’s the KRTV story – video to follow after the 5:30 show!

Zandy's Grand Opening!

Catching Up!

1. Here’s the KRTV story about the “Write Stuff” auditions – and it looks like Glenn Toby stayed very busy during his trip to Great Falls: promoting his literacy foundation, getting the key to the city from Mayor Dona (how can I get one?!), judging the Write Stuff auditions, visiting Malmstrom – whew! Glenn, hope you enjoyed our community – come on back soon!

2. The rooster picture in this entry was taken at The Lobby Cafe. Good breakfast, friendly staff, and with a big rooster picture hanging on the wall, you just can’t go wrong!

3. RANDOM SHOUT-OUT: to Baxter and Chloe (and their companions)!

4. I know Greater Falls readers tend to be a bit more web-savvy than most folks, so when I tell you to “follow Fred,” you probably know that I mean you can follow Fred Pfeiffer on Twitter! Fred e-mailed me last week and asked “what is Twitter?” I told him, and next thing you know, he’s tweeting away! Turns out that Fred is a natural-born Twitterer: brief, conversational, and timely…especially with the return of WINTER this week – woohoo! How many of you – when the snow started falling – silently cursed me and my love of the fluffy white stuff?

5. AND…some big stuff getting ready to happen down at Zandy’s — a grand re-opening ribbon-cutting ceremony from the Chamber of Commerce is happening on Friday at 9:30, and Fred (VanMaanen, not Pfeiffer!) plans to have some nifty prizes (t-shirts and hats!) to give away (thanks, I believe, to a certain great gal over at SignPro!). If you can make it, meet me there for breakfast – Friday @ 9:30! Drop a comment here to let me know if you can make it. AND on Saturday, Zandy’s is hosting a “community” day for everyone – with all proceeds from Saturday sales going to the Gateway Recovery center. More details later tonight (or tomorrow a.m.)!

The Write Stuff auditions in GF

Chuck tipped me to the “Write Stuff” audition happening in Great Falls on Tuesday Wednesday; there was a dinner on Monday night to kick it off, but I found out too late to attend (sorry Chuck!). Might be fun to stop by the Heritage Inn tomorrow to see what this is all about…looks like “reality TV” crossed with NaNoWriMo!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2009 (Great Falls, MT) — 10-2p.m. @ Best Western Heritage Inn* 1700 Fox Farm Road * Great Falls, MT 59401—- Guest panelists include Pulitzer Prize winning author Eric Newhouse, author Christell Benson, celebrity sports and talent agent Glenn Toby!

Beginning June 2009 “The Write Stuff” reality show will be seen by over 20 million households. The winner will be awarded a one-book deal with Hollygrove Publishing. With this comes 10 virtual copies of the winner’s book on cd provided by AG Press, a detailed marketing plan written specifically for the winner by a New York Times Bestselling author designed to make their book a success, a print and online marketing campaign complete with promotional materials provided by The Risque Cafe, a brand new Dell Laptop and more!

If anyone attends, try to snap some pix to share!

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