Cheap Car Wash

Not a bad deal – save three bucks off a car wash! Funny how the word “stimulus” is being used in all sorts of places lately. This car wash is the kind with the rotating brushes. Been through it twice lately, and I’m happy.

Around the ‘Sphere

Brent, the genius behind Manly Man Candles, toys with the idea of changing his name. My suggestion: MC Candle. Got any others to recommend? Jamie Ford, newly-published local author, just learned that his debut novel is entering the NYT bestseller charts at #30. Way to go, Jamie! Can’t wait to see it at #1! Crazy Diamond begins her latest entry with this gem: “I love Montana. Montana is cooler than your state. And because I…

Zandy’s Grand Opening

Yeah, not the REAL grand opening – but today was the one with the giant scissors and ribbon from the Chamber of Commerce! Great turnout, lots of fun (waves to Elizabeth) – happy people! And unbeknownst to me, Andrea from KRTV showed up, too – so look for the story at in a little bit (and on the 5:30 news tonight)! UPDATE: here’s the KRTV story – video to follow after the 5:30 show!

Zandy’s Ribbon-Cutting

I told Fred that I’d whip up a banner to get your attention about the Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony tomorrow – so does this get your attention? Can you make it down to Zandy’s at 9:30 on Friday to “officially” welcome Zandy’s back to Great Falls?

Catching Up!

1. Here’s the KRTV story about the “Write Stuff” auditions – and it looks like Glenn Toby stayed very busy during his trip to Great Falls: promoting his literacy foundation, getting the key to the city from Mayor Dona (how can I get one?!), judging the Write Stuff auditions, visiting Malmstrom – whew! Glenn, hope you enjoyed our community – come on back soon! 2. The rooster picture in this entry was taken at The…

The Write Stuff auditions in GF

Chuck tipped me to the “Write Stuff” audition happening in Great Falls on Tuesday Wednesday; there was a dinner on Monday night to kick it off, but I found out too late to attend (sorry Chuck!). Might be fun to stop by the Heritage Inn tomorrow to see what this is all about…looks like “reality TV” crossed with NaNoWriMo! WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2009 (Great Falls, MT) — 10-2p.m. @ Best Western Heritage Inn* 1700 Fox…

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