Great Falls Radio

I’ve been wanting to post an entry about radio for a long time, and with the news that we will be getting three new stations, here we go! This is what I listen to, generally in order of how often I listen:

- Always enjoy KEIN on 1310 am – the Music Of Your Life, aka The Great American Songbook. I know it’s not local, but I need my daily fix of Sinatra, Torme, Goodman, Clooney, and other great singers & bands.

- Usually check in a few times daily at KQDI at 1450 am; love Michael Savage, sometimes O’Reilly. Hannity, not so much…even when he’s right, he’s annoying. KQDI is the only “talker” station in town. Wish we had a local talk show so folks could call in and chat about stuff like community events, local government, downtown police, schools, traffic, history, and other “talk-worthy” subjects.

- SAM at 107.3 (KINX) is awesome – usually. The “Jack” format is great and isn’t restricted to one genre or type of music. I love hearing Duran Duran followed by AC/DC followed by Barry White.

- KLFM at 92.9 (“ninety-two-cool”) is a must-listen with a staple of classic oldies (Marvin Gaye, Beach Boys, etc) even though it is moving ever-closer to modern times. Wouldja believe that they’ve played “But Not Tonight” by The New Cars at least three times? Hardly an oldie – but it is a goodie.

- KTZZ at 93.7 is great for classic rock, and it’s fun to switch between it and Z-101 (KZMT) Helena, since they both play mostly the same feed.

- KGPR (89.9) is great for jazz, occasional late-night new wave stuff, some themed shows, and an occasional news update via All Things Considered. Used to listen to Morning Edition, back in the days when I had to drive to work before the sun came up.

- KQDI (106.1) offers up some good classic rock, but has taken a noticeable shift forward in the last year, playing modern stuff (Nickelback?) that I just don’t like.
- KVVR (97.9) and the KAAK (K-99) stations – bleh. Not much there. Once in a while I’ll hear a decent song on The River, but it’s rare.

- Not much of a country/western music guy, but I have enjoyed the “Grassroots Gold” program with Dave & Jim (104.9, KIKF) periodically. And KMON at 94.5 has a special place in my heart, since Hershey & Bejay were kind enough to have me on their show a couple times.

And that’s it. How about you? Any favorites? Any genres or formats you wish we had?
ALSO: Here’s a complete list of radio stations for our area.

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