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Around Town

2008 Highlights

What a year here at Greater Falls! Thanks, everyone, for visiting, leaving comments, and making this so fun. Geese and snow (duh), UFOs, restaurants, media,…

Around Town

Dad Chimes In

Time once again for another installment of Dad Chimes In, a semi-regular series in which my father, a retired Air Force physician in Texas, offers…

Around Town

Tennis, Anyone?

Great Falls is not the best place to live if you enjoy playing tennis year-round, as evidenced by this fellow who discovered tennis courts at…

Around Town

Great Falls Video

Cool – Mark and the gang over at created a video of their visit to downtown Great Falls during the holidays! Thanks for sharing,…

Around Town

Top Ten

Wondering what the top ten online news stories were in 2008 at Wonder no more. You might be surprised at what landed on the…

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