Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Here’s some Halloween fun in the form of Sugar Skulls!

sugar skulls

And tonight is The Big Game; if you haven’t already, go cast your vote for either the CMR Rustlers or the GFH Bison!

CMR vs GFH Crosstown Game!

And don’t forget the following fun events (via Pulse GF):

Friday, October 31 –Happy Halloween!
3:00 pm Trick or Treat, Downtown Great Falls
6:00 pm Haunted House, Cascade County Jail
6:30 pm Haunted House, Center Stage Theater
7:00 pm Haunted House, Gateway Recovery Center
7:00 pm Trick β€˜or’ Vote, Brick Sports Pub (call Adam Gill for details 868-5972)
8:00 pm Music @ Bert & Ernie’s – Red Raja Belly Dancers

Stargazer Alert

Aaron forwarded this interesting tidbit:

On Oct. 31st, the crescent Moon will approach Venus in a conjunction of startling beauty. The close encounter is best seen just after sunset. Then, Venus will be seen to hover just above the southwestern horizon as the “evening star” (“Hesperus”, for you mythology fans), the brightest light in the sky, while the exquisitely slender Moon (“Feather Moon” according to our Native American brethren) approaches just a few degrees below.

Happening on Halloween just makes it even cooler.


Hooray! It’s my birthday, and I’d like to thank my mom & dad for – well, everything! Here’s the cover of the way-cute card my mother sent me this week – when it’s opened, it plays a little jingle of musical cowbells!

So. Any other October 30 birthdays out there? I know about Grace Slick and Henry Winkler, but how about any fellow Great Falls folks who share my special day?

Golden Corral Fire

Breaking news: the Golden Corral is burning over at the Marketplace. Haven’t been there in a while, but for a buffet-style restaurant, it was pretty good. Never had a bad meal there. Sad – looks like it’s going to be a total loss. No one was hurt, thank goodness. Story, pictures, and video over at KRTV. If you have any pictures to add, e-mail me at david AT krtv.com.

ALSO: just discovered that Curtis here in Great Falls has started a blog down at Barrow Road – and he has some more pictures of the Golden Corral ablaze (one of which he was kind enough to share with KRTV – thanks!)

Name That Band

Got an e-mail from a friend and I need your help:

I’m trying to find a band that I heard at the Loading Zone back in July. My sister really liked them and thinks she might want them to play her wedding. I think their name was “Shades of Blue”, it might have been gray though. If you know anything about them or how to get in touch with them please let me know.

So – can any of you ID the band in question? If you do, you might score an invite to the wedding πŸ™‚

Crosstown Game

CMR-GFH Crosstown Game It’s that time again: the big CMR-GFH crosstown football game coming up this Friday! If my math is correct, the Rustlers lead the series 29 to 19, but the Bison have won the last three. So CMR has the overall advantage, but GFH has momentum, but CMR has a better record this season…so who knows? The bottom line is that it should be a fun game – especially since it falls on Halloween, and I suspect (hope) that many fans will be dressed up in costume to make the game a really memorable event.

And there’s a poll over at KRTV.com asking folks to vote for who they think will win. But it’s not just a CMR/GFH poll – you get to vote for WHY you think your team will win – better team, more spirit, or “history” factors!

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