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(cut-n-pasted this from the Poll entry into a stand-alone entry)
UPDATE, early Saturday morning: by now you’ve probably heard that Senator Joe Biden has been selected as Obama’s running mate. And no, I wasn’t informed via text message from the Obama camp, as promised. I wasn’t near a TV or radio when the news was confirmed, but when I checked my GMail on my phone at around 10:45 pm on Friday night, there was a message from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer site announcing the news. Seattle PI? Yep – because I had registered as a user of their site a few months ago because of this entry about the Sip-n-Dip.

And as for the much-hyped Obama text message? It arrived on my cell phone at 1:53 am on Saturday. So much for wowing the txt gnr8tn; many are just plain ticked off.

FRIDAY EVENING:…and speaking of waiting for the text message about Obama’s VP pick…there are some sites posting rumors that Evan Bayh has been selected. These “sources” claim that bumper stickers promoting “Obama/Bayh” have been printed; of course, it could be a decoy, rumor, etc. Interestingly, four years ago, I learned about the selection of John Edwards via this post on MetaFilter, which sourced John Kerry’s choice via an online bulletin board about aviation. The lesson? In this age of blogging, text messaging, twittering, and such, it’s darn hard to keep a secret of this size for very long. My gut says it won’t be Bayh…too bland for the Obama crowd. I think it would be way fun if Obama selected Dick Cheney as his VP candidate, if only for the entertainment value as the collective heads of the Freepers and Nutroots exploded.

MORE: still on the subject of the Text Message (Soon To Be) Heard ‘Round The World…the MetaFilter thread about the Obama VP announcement contains this hilarious stimulus/response:

My favorite thing about the text message thing was a quote I read earlier today (god, I wish I could find it again – it was fairly mainstream) breathlessly saying “The Obama campaign is harnessing text message technology more successfully than any presidential campaign in history.”

Wow! More successfully than Taft?!




  1. Pls dnt txt me agn BO on

    I just woke up. To me I value the time between midnight and 7am when I sleep. I prefer not to be awoken by a text message on SOMETHING I ALREADY HEARD ON THE NEWS AT MIDNIGHT RIGHT BEFORE I WENT TO BED! I can’t believe my f-ing phone went off at 3:00 in morning. I was a Clinton supporter in the primary who has moved toward Obama, but was really hoping it would be Clinton. Now I am f-ing bleary eyed, to hear it is f-ing Joe Biden (nothing wrong with Biden, its’ just 3am). Pretty class-less if you ask me to send this at 3am if they really are trying to woo us Hillary folks. It’s a complete joke, making fun of Clinton’s primary ad, and have I said WAKING ME UP FROM MY PEACEFUL, PEACEFUL SLEEP. I’m now facing insomnia for the evening, and simply livid yet again that my candidate didn’t get picked. I realize Obama doesn’t have to pick her for veep, but geez, does he have to call me at 3am to tell me that?!? I’m grumpy as hell and got a text to hear he didn’t go for the candidate I was hoping for. I will no attempt to go back to sleep. When will these new young guys at the Obama HQ realize most Americans, some of whom just might decide this election, are not awake and/or don’t find their one last ‘3am phone call’ dig funny at all. I hope Obama or someone on his campaign apologizes for this. I’m thinking of just not voting.

  2. You’re not the only person who’s ticked off at the Obama camp for mangling this…the still-awake denizens (and just-awakened) netizens are pretty upset at the timing and mis-handling of the vaunted Text Message From On High.

  3. My question is was the text a random text to your phone or did you enter your number somewhere so you could recieve text, of course, not at 3 am? Of course, if you entered your number to recieve texts, did you tell them not to text you in the middle of the night? Hmmm…none of the cell phones in my house went off at 3 am with the news….

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