Sordid Details

Aye carumba! Flipping through the August edition of the Trib’s “Fusion” insert and came across this blunder…

Sordid Details

Should have just gone for broke with:

4 thoughts on “Sordid Details”

  1. Well, maybe it’s *not* a typo.

    Maybe they’re referring to how events in the city’s past were colored with discrimination and segregation, or were “sorted”. Maybe the spirits of those forced to sit by the kitchen doors, drink store-brand soft drinks from Wal-Mart and SaveMart, go to the crappy theatre without the A/C and the stadium seating, and get served at Super Cuts by the 65-year old, barely-English-speaking Filippino “stylist” on his first day of work are showing people that they’re mad as hell and not gonna, um, take it anymore? Maybe.

  2. I liked the huge ad in the Tribune last week advertising the Alive at Five being held at the Milwaukee Department instead of Depot.

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