Dem Rallies in Great Falls

I don’t know how many supporters the Obama team expected to attend this evening’s rally at the Four Seasons Arena, but I bet they were hoping for more than 2,400. Frankly, I expected to read that more people showed up, too. And on the other side of the Dem divide, former President Bill Clinton will be in Great Falls on Sunday, appearing at 3:45 at the Paris Gibson Education Center. If anyone attended the Obama…

Big Sky Blogs

Most of you know that there are other bloggers here in Great Falls, but when’s the last time you took a cruise the Big Sky Blogosphere? Over at the Big Sky Blog, I’ve got a list of over 160 Montana-based blogs. Go visit. Say hi.

Great Falls – For Real!

Lots of people stopping along the northern portion of River Drive this week to see the Falls restored to some of their glory. Thanks to Alan, here’s a couple of awesome pictures:

Sip-n-Dip 101

This is awesome: Jack Velvet, a hipster from Vancouver, drove all the way to Great Falls just to experience our world-famous Sip-n-Dip, and his blog entry about the trip includes a nifty 9-minute video that serves as sort of a “Sip-n-Dip 101” that includes the legendary Piano Pat, some mermaids, and the ritual consumption of a fishbowl. And Jack’s better half, Miss Pinky, also documented their trip to Great Falls and has a bunch of…

Pull Tabs

Got an e-mail via the Contact form with the following question: Where, in Great Falls, can I donate about 100 pounds of pull tabs from pop cans? Well, my initial thought is to try Pacific Steel & Recycling, but I’ll leave it to my much-smarter readers to offer alternatives.

KFBB Poll Bias?

Sometimes the tendency of news outlets to lead the charge in trumpeting bad news gets to be mind-numbing, such as endless recent headlines declaring economic doom-n-gloom and telling everyone that higher gas prices are ruining vacations. Case in point: the current poll at the KFBB website seems to indicate that the folks at KFBB know that higher gas prices are “personally” affecting all of us, and they want to know exactly what steps you and…

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