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Two Years Ago: Happy Spring! One Year Ago: Baby Geese (gee, didn’t expect that, did ya?) ALSO: here are the answers to the Crossword Puzzle (click to see full size)! I hope you enjoyed it – work will begin shortly on #2!

(pssst…wanna buy a puppy?)

You know what’s really great on a beautiful Spring day? Playing fetch with a playful puppy! If you’ve been thinking about getting a puppy, for yourself or the kids, check this out: Here are some pics of my new puppies, well not exactly new, they are 5 weeks old as of this past Monday. We are selling them of course and they are all papered and have their shots. The email address is ddsjcormier @…


I signed up for Twitter ages ago (in web-time), but never did much with it. It’s sometimes referred to as a “micro-blogging” application: once you sign up, you can type messages of up to 140 characters, and the messages show up on your Twitter page. Pretty simple, but sounds boring, right? Well, it turns out that it is a much more powerful and useful tool than originally thought. So FWIW, here is GreaterFalls on Twitter!


On Friday I stopped by the Q-106 studio on Central Avenue, and when I walked in, there was a slightly rumpled man at the counter writing on paper. The receptionist was staring at him in a sort of “uh…yeah…” way. I introduced myself to her, said that I was there to pick up some tickets that I had won, and she excused herself to get the tickets. The rumpled man – perhaps 40, maybe 60,…

Unsung Heroes

What do Cindy James, Marvin Brewster, Katya Marandino, and Ubon Broudeur all have in common? They’ve all been named as “Unsung Heroes” over at KFBB. Nice feature.

Update on RNH

An update on Redneck Hippie, whose real name, I believe, is Larry Kralj. My recent entry about his mean-spirited rants on the Tribune forums resulted in a comment here at GreaterFalls from someone who claimed to remember Larry when he was a teacher in Chester, and related a tale about Larry’s behavior during that time. I don’t know if the incident really happened, and if so, if it happened the way the commenter remembers it.…

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