Retro: Chelsea II

Long before Great Falls had a fancy Carmike 10 Cineplex, there were several smaller movie theatres scattered across town. How many of you remember the Chelsea II?

Chelsea II Theatre

Hmm…wonder if the Chelsea II provided the inspiration for Tera Patrick and/or Victoria Paris?

And now for the bonus question: in what year did this ad run?


  • I remember it. In the age of the internet (and network tv for that matter) it seems almost quaint now.

  • I guess 1980. My history teacher at GFHS owned it, Mr. Oxenholt (sp?) I believe was his name and I if I remember the story right he was some kind of spy for the Norwegian government during WWII. He was a very interesting teacher with a thick accent and very knowledgeable about european history.

  • saw my first XXX movie there…they didn’t bother with ID checks