He Said, She Said?

I’m sure that most of you have read about the massage therapist who has been accused of sexual assault on a client at The Peak. To be honest, I have no idea which “side” to believe; the thought of being accused of a crime that you didn’t commit is one of the worst imaginable horrors (just ask OJ). After all, it is near impossible to prove a negative. On the other hand, if there was indeed a crime committed, how can it be proved? Unless there were witnesses of some sort – who saw or heard any indication of what really happened – then it appears to come down to “he said, she said.” In that case, how do you decide? How can justice be served in such an event?

Fender Bender

Driving across the 10th Avenue South bridge at about 9:20 this morning, the car in front of me – a sporty grey model – was driving a bit too close to the center (where the ice hadn’t been worn away by drivers), and sure enough, he lost control. He slid around in a complete 360, banged against the right side of the bridge, clipped another vehicle, then slid over to the left side of the bridge, facing forward, and came to a stop. Meanwhile, I was tapping my brakes trying to slow down in the left lane, but our cars did ding, lightly. He promptly drove off, leaving the rest of us cursing and somewhat shaken, but not before I got his license: 52781V, with an AF logo. His rear end was pretty crunched up, but I didn’t notice any other damage.
I drove to the Holiday station and inspected my car – the only thing that I noticed is that my front license plate was knocked loose and is hanging by one screw.
So if anyone else was affected by this guy, here’s his license plate #, and if you need me to testify or sign a statement, just let me know.

Blogging 101: Saturday

UPDATE: the Blogging 101 session is scheduled for Noon at the Park-n-Ponder on Saturday, April 12th!

Saturday, March 29, around 2:00 pm at the Park-n-Ponder. We’ll relax over some snacks, coffee, etc, and talk about different types of blogs, software options, hosting choices, and such. And don’t be worried about anything too technical: trust me – if you’re able to type an e-mail, I can have you blogging like a pro in under an hour.

If you have a laptop, bring it along – the Park-n-Ponder has free WiFi!

UPDATE, Saturday morning:
WOOHOO! What a wonderful Spring Snow Storm! And yes, the Blogging 101 is still on!

FLASH: WOW — this is as bad a snow storm as I’ve ever seen — the roads are HORRIBLE! There are at least 10 major car wrecks in town requiring wrecker service. I’m the PnP right now with ReAnn and Fred, but if you plan to head out here — DON’T! The roads are terrible. We’ll have another Blogging 101 on Saturday, April 12th at noon.

In Case You Missed It

Just some gentle reminders: first, there are two good dogs (Brittany Spaniels) that are still missing. Second, take a moment to sign the petition to keep “Little Albertson’s” open; although it’s not likely that Albertson’s will change their mind, enough signatures might convince another grocer to move in to the downtown location. And third, don’t forget that the “Festival Of The Book” will be held tonight and tomorrow!

Dining Options

The Udder Factory meets Marie Louisa's Even in a town as small as ours, the restaurant scene is never static – things are always changing. The latest moves that I know about involve a partnership, and a consolidation of sorts. First up: The Udder Factory, which has been closed for the winter, will be re-opening in April with a new partner: Marie Louisa’s, which used to be housed (IIRC) over near Malmstrom. That’s a winning combo, I think: Italian food plus ice-cream!
And over at Holiday Village Mall, it looks like we are getting just a bit closer to having a food court, of sorts: Subway apparently relocating downstairs near the Orange Julius, and an ice-cream parlor is opening up soon nearby. Now if Posh Taco and the coffee bar would move to that area, we would be all set. So what other food choices would you like to see at the mall? I wish there was a burger joint. Maybe Zandy’s could open up an outlet, like they used to have in the Holiday station on Fox Farm & 10th Avenue, when I first moved here. UPDATE: oops – can’t forget about The Sting moving to the location currently occupied by Legends!

And speaking of the mall dining…I still miss Neon Pretzel…anyone want to open a new pretzel place? And I’m glad that Little Athens has more space since they relocated following the creation of Scheel’s. For “fancy” Greek food, Dimitri’s is great, but for the best gyro in town, Little Athens can’t be beat.

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