Of The People

Most of you know that I do not always agree with the most vocal critics of our municipal government – I am far more inclined to give our elected officials the benefit of the doubt, perhaps naively.

What’s In A Name?

I suspect that anyone who is not from Montana would be slightly puzzled by the headline highlighted in red below. Or assume that it was some sort of a boxing match between two fighters with descriptive names.

Better Living and Big Sky

Here it is: a shameless plug for my two other blogs, Better Living Thru Blogging and the Big Sky Blog! First up is the Big Sky Blog, which sadly got hacked over the weekend. I lost – at least temporarily – everything, but am in the process of re-building it. In the meantime, there is some fresh content: news that Montana is the only state that is NOT represented by a large Navy ship, and…

You Must Remember This

“My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants.” Nonsense, you say? Not at all – it’s the new mnemonic device to help kids remember the name (and order) of planets and “dwarf planets” in our solar system! And here’s the cool part – it’s the whimsical creation of Great Falls’ very own Maryn Smith, a 10-year old student at Riverview Elementary. She beat hundreds of other students to win the contest. In…

Starbucks Closing for 3 Hours

If you want to grab a Venti Quad Skinny Latte (or even just a plain cuppa joe) this evening between 5:30 and 8:30, don’t head to Starbucks: all Starbucks stores will be closed today (Tuesday) for three hours in order to complete some “refresher” training.


Heard from two people today that Larry, our semi-famous homeless guy, was spotted without his trusty cart and headed due west, walking near Exit 0 (Marketplace) towards I-15. Does anyone know if he is OK?

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