iPod Shuffle Contest II

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Wanna win a brand-new iPod Shuffle? That’s right – it’s time for another GreaterFalls contest! Here’s the rules:

1.You purchase anything from the Amazon.com GreaterFalls store – see the embedded box below, and click on through to your heart’s delight. Get something for yourself or as a holiday gift for someone else! UPDATE: you don’t have to buy anything to win – you can also enter by sending an email to david @ greaterfalls.com (fixed!) with your name, address, and what you love the most about living in Great Falls!

2. When you receive your confirmation e-mail from Amazon.com, forward it to me (you can delete any information except your name, the order number, and product name).

3. I will draw the winner on December 19th and announce it here, and deliver the iPod Shuffle to the lucky winner the next day. If you can’t see the Amazon box below, you can click right here.

4. But wait – there’s more! There will be a runner-up drawing – the prize will be a brand-new copy of “Movie Stars & Rattlesnakes: The Heyday of Montana Live Television.”

5. One last thing: make sure that the link in your browser bar when you are shopping at Amazon.com contains the phrase “greaterfalls-20” or “davidmsc-20” to qualify for the drawing!

UPDATE: well, as near as I can figure based on my exhaustive research using Google, it turns out that Allen is correct in his comment below: this contest, as originally presented, may indeed be illegal. So here’s the update: No Purchase Necessary! You can also enter to win a prize by sending me an e-mail with the following information: your name, your address, and what you think is the best thing about living in Great Falls (scenery, shopping, weather, people, river, etc). Send the e-mail to david @ greaterfalls.com, and your entry will be added to all of the others!



  1. Yikes – thanks for the warning, Allen. It never occurred to me that this might be illegal. I’ve updated the entry requirements so that no purchase is required.

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