Redneck Hippie Banned From Tribune

Received an e-mail from Wolfpack today telling me that the Tribune has banned Redneck Hippie – aka Larry Kralj – from the Forums for 30 days. In the Trib’s words:

This morning we blocked Redneck Hippie from posting further on this forum for a time. We have had online discussions with him in the past about his intemperate attacks on other participants in the forums — and on individuals in the news — and we have deleted a few of his posts over the past few months. One of his posts Tuesday was even more over the top than some of those, and in light of the previous warnings and discussions, we have banned him for 30 days.

So Larry can add yet another online forum to the list of places that have banned him (even if only temporarily in this case). And I hope that nobody cries “censorship!” or denounces the Trib as fascist. Larry is perfectly free and capable of starting his own blog and expressing his opinions on his own space. I’ll even create a blog for him, if he wants me to.