KFBB.com – New Look

WOW! I am impressed — KFBB used to have one of the absolute worst and most useless websites of any TV station — two or three local stories, usually several days old — but they have done a complete overhaul and it is awesome. Major re-design, with an emphasis on black, silver, and white, and it is now PACKED with news and information, video, community links, etc. Kudos to KFBB!

Another New Blogger!

And fresh on the heels of the Josh Hutchins joining our blogging community comes another new blog: Great Falls In The Know! She’s off to a great start with some questions for pet owners and about our local animal-control policies. Go on over and say “hi!” to Janna Lee! And check out all of the other Great Falls bloggers…

New Blogger!

Great Falls has a new blogger: Josh Hutchins! His blog is titled “Yard Whisperer” (heh), and his primary focus is real estate, which makes sense since he is a realtor (and former Air Force officer – bonus points!). Go welcome him to our blog community!

Parking Meters

What’s new in the world of downtown parking? Glad you asked! Got an e-mail from a downtown merchant with some news about a new type of parking meter:

Some Snow!

Driving east on 10th Avenue South on Tuesday and saw SNOW on the Highwood Mountains – hooray!

Debate Intent

GeeGuy has an entry which addresses a commenter’s concern that the entire debate is somehow being controlled by Mayor Stebbins. Trust me – she has nothing to do with organizing the debate. The last time that I saw Mayor Dona was back in July, when I ran into her and her husband downtown as they were enjoying a meal at a restaurant. About a week later, she e-mailed me to ask if I was attending…

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