Great Falls “Theme”

GeeGuy has posted the memo that a recruiting firm is using to screen applicants to replace John Lawton as our city manager. The memo is a bit damning in some areas re: the coal plant – GeeGuy’s criticism is spot-on. But what got my attention is the section about “Possible Themes To Build Upon” for the new city manager. Here’s a screen shot: Well, gosh…should I be flattered that one of them echoes the name…

Friday Fun

A new feature here at GreaterFalls: Friday Fun! For the first edition, I’ve got three animal-themed links: one true classic (Viking Kittens) and two favorites that captured the hearts of millions this summer. Enjoy! – Classic Rock + Cute Kittens + Vikings = Viking Kittens! – If you haven’t seen Dramatic Prairie Dog in action, now is the perfect time. – Did you know that zombies like turtles? Destined to be a classic!

Great Falls is Great

While discussing the news about the Mystery (GE?) Company considering Great Falls as a possible location, GiftShoppeGuy mused about some of the things that make Great Falls so darn great – both for residents and business: Great Falls was supposed to grow. From the very beginning, this city’s founding fathers set it up to be a prosperous place, full of many successes. I like Great Falls. This is the only city in the state that…

Help Wanted

The Trib ran a splashy request to have people submit applications for an unnamed Fortune 500 company that may – or may not – open an office in Great Falls. The reasoning is that the flood of applicants will demonstrate to the company that we have the manpower, skills, and desire to accommodate their needs. There is quite a lively discussion on the Trib forum about this, with pro-GF and anti-GF people lining up to…

Overfield Kennel Blog

And speaking of new blogs, go ahead and check out the Overfield Kennel blog! Susan, owner of the Overfield Kennel in Vaughn, has set up a blog to stay in touch with pet owners and share information and advice. Go say hi!

Mayoral Candidate

As noted over at GeeGuy’s place, one of our candidates for Mayor has a website and a blog. Her name is Susan Kahn, and I really appreciate that she is using the internet to communicate and keep voters updated.

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