Monthly Archives: July, 2007

Around Town

Sip And Dip

Finally! I made it to the world-famous Sip-n-Dip lounge last Saturday evening! Krista and I enjoyed a good time at one of Great Falls’ most…

Sunday Drive

On Sunday, Krista and I enjoyed a lazy drive down Hwy 89, passing through Monarch and stopping at a cool antique (collectible) shop in Neihart.…

Pretty in Pink

Got an e-mail from Geannine Rapp about a fun event designed to raise money and awareness about breast cancer: Prettiest In Pink!

Around Town

Sidewalk Sale

Tomorrow’s “sidewalk sale” will be downtown, too – not just at the mall. I will be lending a hand at Homestead Treasures, a really cool…

Montana State Fair

It’s time! The 2007 Montana State Fair is upon us – definitely will be heading down there. I enjoy sampling the delectable foodstuffs and seeing…

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