Give A Hoot

Stopped by Giant Springs this afternoon for a BBQ with some friends, and over in the far corner of the park, watching us with their amazing eyes…

owls at giant springs state park! | owls at giants springs park!
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WOW – I have never seen an owl before – only on TV – and these two were absolutely incredible. I’ve read that Montana is the only state that is home to all types of owls native to North America, and I’ve been looking forward to finally seeing some – and today was my lucky day!

Alive @ Five

Today I finally – FINALLY – made it to “Alive @ Five,” the summertime downtown street party held every Thursday evening. My partner in crime was Krista, who braved the heat and the crowds with me. We wandered along Central Avenue, listening to Cold Hard Cash (Johnny Cash tribute band – awesome), laughing at cool stuff in Amazing Toys, debating whether to get some Porkies On A Stick, and other such fun. There also may or may not have been an incident at Subway which may or may not result in a lifetime ban for me (kidding, kidding!). The emcee for Alive @ Five was Scott Hershey, local radio star, and he hosted a “Willie Nelson Impersonator” contest, with the winner getting some tickets to Willie’s free concert next week in Choteau.

This week’s sponsors were Dragonfly Dry Goods (hi Alison!) and Diamonds By Design (hi Allyson!) – very cool stores.

Great fun – if you haven’t been to an “Alive @ Five” yet, mark your calendar for next week! Here’s some pix – as always, click on them to see the full-size versions.

Alive At Five

City Commission Meeting – The Video

GeeGuy has posted a link to a video of the five minutes in question at last week’s City Commission from which Susan Overfield was removed. To be honest, I’m pretty shocked. Having watched City Commission meetings on channel 7 and knowing how Mayor Dona generally conducts herself at the meetings, here is what I assumed had happened:

1. Susan had talked for her allotted three minutes and then was alerted that her three minutes were up.
2. She then asked for an extra minute or two to finish her comments, and the Mayor granted her an extension.
3. Susan talked through her extension and asked for more time, but the Mayor declined the second request in the interest of time.
4. Susan objected and continued talking, and the the Mayor asked repeatedly for Susan to step down.
5. Susan got increasingly belligerent and loud.
6. The Mayor, as a last resort and in order to preserve order, asked that Susan be escorted from the room.

But that is not what happened, according to the video. This is what I saw on the video:

1. Susan talked for her allotted three minutes.
2. The Mayor told her to wrap it up as she approached the three-minute mark.
3. Susan continued talking.
4. The Mayor said, “Ma’am, your time is up. Please take your seat…Ma’am.”
5. Susan said that she would continue talking.
6. The Mayor turned to (presumably) the police officer and said, “Please remove her.”

Items #4-6 occurred within the span of eight seconds. There was no attempt at any resolution other than removing Susan from the room. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 – just get out of my meeting.

Now I’m not about to claim that there were any Nazis in the City Commission meeting – the moonbats are just that – moonbats – when they make such ridiculous claims. But what I saw on the tape certainly didn’t make me feel comfortable with our municipal government. I’m pretty shocked that the Mayor didn’t offer an extra minute or two to Susan, or ask to meet with Susan after the meeting or the next day, or otherwise seek some other way to handle the situation instead of immediately asking for Susan’s removal. In addition, I’m a bit surprised that no one else said anything or otherwise tried to calm things down – another City Commissioner, for example.

I think that the Mayor owes Susan an apology, and owes the rest of us an explanation. How about it, Mayor? Talk to us.

Helping Hand

A few days ago I put out a call for volunteers to assist with the construction of several homes in the Castle Pines neighborhood; these homes are being built by the future owners, who are not home-builders by nature. These folks are working HARD to achieve their goal, but a little help from other members of our community is always appreciated. I’m happy to report that our very own Gift Shoppe Guy has stepped forward, offering his expertise and tools. Thanks, GSG – your contribution will go a long way towards making some dreams come true.

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