Baby Geese!

A friend mentioned to me on Saturday that she saw her first baby geese along River Drive earlier in the day, and as I drove to work this morning I saw my first two babies of the season – always brings a smile to my face! Those tiny little balls of yellow and black fluff, with their little chirps – how cute! Here’s a picture from last year as the Moms and Dads marched their wee charges across the road:

Canada Geese Crossing River Drive

“Canine Intelligence Agency” Contest

One of my contacts over on my MySpace page is Frank, who operates the Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA – cute) here in town. He posted the following today:

OK. This is how it works! The dog with the absolute worst problem behavior WINS!! Just take a picture of your dog exhibiting his or her worst behavior and email it to: frank AT (If the behavior isn’t clear in the picture please be sure to descibe what the the dog is doing) THE WINNER WILL WIN 2 FREE DOG BEHAVIOR LESSONS! Thats it! No strings. It’s that simple! I’ll pick the winner on Wednesday May 2nd. NOTE: ALL ENTRIES MUST LIVE IN THE GREAT FALLS AREA. Good Luck! and May the Worst Dog Win!

So if you want your dog to be a well-mannered pooch, here’s your chance!

ps: I don’t have a dog, but my two cats sure could use some lessons…hmmm…

Dragonfly Ads

I’m sure that some of you have seen Alison Fried, the owner of Dragonfly Dry Goods, in TV commercials, or heard her radio ads. The TV ads feature Alison talking directly to the camera as she strolls through the store, highlighting certain items. The radio spots are “phoned in” – just Alison, talking directly to the listener. I think she even advertised for a couple of job openings that way, too.
I happen to like this type of advertising: she loves her store, believes in her products, and presents herself and her business in a very upbeat manner. But one of the local DJs told me that the radio ads aren’t particularly well-received, and I’m not sure why that is. So: if you’ve seen any of the TV commercials or heard any of the radio spots, what did you think? Did you feel more or less inclined to visit Dragonfly? How did the ad affect your perception of the store and of Alison?

The Wisdom of Steinbeck

One of John Steinbeck’s most famous statements:
“I am in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love.”

Of course, in my case, you can also phrase it like this:
“I am in love with Great Falls. For other towns I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Great Falls it is love.”

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