Moustache March

Any of you read about “Moustache March” that is coming to a close at Malmstrom AFB? The Trib has an article about some of the guys at the base who have been growing moustaches during the month of March. It’s a show of camaraderie and a fun way to generate some friendly rivalry between different offices and units. And, according to the article, this is a tradition that dates back to the Vietnam war.
Huh? Now I certainly don’t claim to be privy to all of the traditions of the US Air Force, but I’ve been wearing the uniform for over 19 years, and this is the first time that I have ever heard of this. If this “Moustache March” has been such a long-standing tradition, shouldn’t I have known about it before now…? So tell me – have any of you folks heard of this? Does it just apply to the guys who actually fly, and is kept secret from non-fliers?

At The Mall

Finally walked through the new Scheel’s store in Holiday Village Mall – very impressive! It was a bit disorienting, seeing the new interior of the mall, with the escalator and open area. And I was surprised to see the old Scheel’s torn down to make way for the new Bed, Bath, and Beyond; I had assumed that the new store would simply move into the existing space. And I’m happy to report that the gyros at Little Athens are as good as they ever have been…mmm, lunch was good today!
One other thing: I saw the Easter Bunny at the mall! He (she?) will be there until the day before Easter, posing for pix with the kidlets.


Shameless Plug

I ginned up a “CMR Pride” design a few months ago, and as of now there are only two people in town that are cool enough to sport a spiffy t-shirt with this design. Here’s one of them:
Now it’s your turn: you can get a cool CMR Pride t-shirt – or some other nifty Greater Falls gear – over at the official BigSkyBlog/GreaterFalls Cafe Press store. Hey, this stuff will also win friends and influence people, so maybe you can get something as a gift for that special someone!

Enceladus Reunion

One of the cooler local bands to ever grace stages in Great Falls was the legendary Enceladus; sadly, the band wasn’t able to stay together as some members are in the Air Force and got transferred.
But check it out: just got an e-mail from the original drummer, Jeff, who got transferred to Florida a few months ago: he is returning to play with his former bandmates for TWO REUNION SHOWS at the Loading Zone! Mark your calendar for April 20 and 21 – Loading Zone – Enceladus, Live In Concert! And if you know any hard music fans – or fans of live, local music – be sure to let them know, too!


Darn – got this message from Dona earlier today, but wasn’t able to access the whole thing until a few minutes ago:

Dave, I have been roped back into community theatre again and will be directing a Tennessee Williams play for Center Stage. The Tribune neglected to run an audition notice and auditions are tonight at 7 at 111 Central. Could you post that on Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dona

P.S. Anyone who is interested and can’t come tonight can call me at 761.4108.

So despite my delay in posting this (sorry Dona!), you can still get in on the action

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