All Skate!

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Would any of you good people be interested in a pizza party in January? Or how about a roller-skating party? Open to bloggers, commenters, and anyone else. Not exactly a blogger-bash, more like a “happy new year” party for good-natured Great Falls folks to get together. Would you attend? Do you have an idea for a get-together? Let me know!



  1. Pizza party at the roller rink? They have laser tag in Westgate now too, as well as Galaxie Games!
    Could be fun, but I am going to bet most readers will be too grown up/dignified to go! (is that a challenge?)

  2. >roller-skating

    Do they still have roller rinks? I last went to one back in 1975. I was too shy for the boy-girl skate, and thus never built up any great roller-skate memories ;-0

  3. Son#2 goes to the roller rink all the time but I am not allowed to be there with him (too embarrassing to be seen with mom) but I would go…I found my old skates when we packed the house.

    Count me in!

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